“After now having one for 9 months I can tell you this. I COULD NOT LIVE WITH OUT IT..... I always have 4 of my inserts patched to preamps and then into the A-10 while I'm mixing so I have 4 channels of distortion ready to go. It's fantastic. Not to mention the build quality is incredible.  Thanks again George!!!!”

-Sean O’Keefe (Fall Out Boy, Plain White T’s, Company of Thieves)

“This is a great line attenuator to help you find the sweet spot if you're into preamp distortion. Get that Beatles overdrive guitar sound or blow up some drums. I use this thing all the time.”

-Dan Duszynski (This Is Me Smiling, The Hush Sound, Gold Motel)



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“The unit is built like a tank. Really: it will survive any nuclear weapon assualt without damage. There is a possibility that in 2000 years when our century is ancient, they will find a GAS-10 and still make use of the attenuation.”    ....... ” When I recorded a kick-drum with the GAS A-10 behind the API 512c, I accidently fell in love. You can get that bouncy kick, kinda compressed sound when driving the transformers in the 512c.”

-George Necola (



“Received the A-10,1st,as soon as I opened the box I new this was a quality piece of gear,I have seen enough junk over the 15 years as I have been putting my studio together,I racked it up patched it in to my api 3124 and it was like all hi end gear, butter!Effortless! what a sound I know can get out of my pre or pre's that I never achieved before.Excellent job! And built like vintage gear,quality! I will be getting another one soon.”

-Thomas Schimley


“I just got the A-10 today and had a chance to put it through some tests. 

First Impression opening the box: this was packed great.  So many times I've received pakages under packed that had some surprise dent or ding.  The build quality on the A-10 is amazing.  It feels like a tank, knobs are perfect and feel real secure and click nice.

I started off by just running kick and snare (Miktek PM11 on kick, Telefunken M80 on snare) through it and pushed through the daking pre IV just to almost clipping.  Kick just sounded incredible.  This low end weight was suddenly apparent that I have never achieved through any other processing before.  The note on the kick seemed to ring longer than usual also.  Snare just jumped out of the speakers.  I absolutely love this box.”

-Gabe Solomon (S&S Studios)

“Undoubtedly, the A-10 will last a lifetime. It could very well be the one device in my racks that will never require servicing - which is a good thing, because it's certainly a keeper, and I imagine I'll be using it a lot for tracking and mixing.”

To see the rest of the review click here:

-Andy Hong (Tape Op magazine)


“...For Fault Lines, a punky garage-pop four-piece, I loaded the Sigma 500 with the Eisen Audio modules, drove them pretty hard, and attenuated the output through the A-10. I also summed a mix in Sequoia 10. The band chose the GAS-powered version. This version glued Jedi Emily Seabroke's bass line better than all the multiband compressors and all the plug-in exciters could”

To see the rest of the review click here:

-Garrett Haines (Tape Op Magazine, Tree Lady Studios)

Sigma 500

“After hearing it, I couldn’t imagine not having it.”

To watch his full video review, click here:

-Joe West (Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Toby Keith)