A-10 Specifications

  1. *4 Individual Channels

  2. *If presented with 600 ohms on either side, then the attenuation amounts are: 10db, 15db, 20db, 30db

  3. *Frequency Response: ± .05dB from 20-20,000 Hz 

  4. *Constant 600 ohm impedance

  5. *Power Requirements: None

  6. *Chassis: 1u Durable Steel

  7. *Connections: 4 XLR Male, 4 XLR Female


Have you wondered how to get that special sound on your drums or vocals? Well, if you had a console at your disposal at all times, you would push the preamp higher and then back down the level using the fader to a more usable level going into tape or a DAW.  So instead, throw the A-10 after your pre and open your tracks up into nice presence or push it further into massive overdrive.  It’s equally suited for tracking and mixing.   Why switched?  Well, for repeatability and easy recall of course.  We live in the age of mixes being recalled constantly.  The A-10 will be simple and easy when it comes time to bring that same sound up again.

The A-10 attenuator is a completely passive four channel switched attenuator. Each channel is balanced and uses hand matched precision resistors to maintain the highest standard of balance. It will keep the stereo image intact if provided with stereo sources.  The A-10 has 4 attenuation levels. The specific amount of attenuation depends on the impedance of the gear that is connected to it.  That is why the attenuation points are lettered instead of numbered.  It provides a constant 600 ohm impedance throughout every attenuation point.  Want more “green” gear?..... well the A-10 requires 0 power!  One less power cord in your rack.

Documentation Download:

A-10 Attenuator Manual.pdf

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4 Channel Line Level Attenuator

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