GAS Audio Recording Equipment provides solid trustworthy equipment that you can depend on.  Each piece of GAS equipment is made to stand the test of time.  The solid designs of yesterday’s equipment has had a large impact on how GAS’ designs are constructed.  A-10 and Sigma 500 have been designed and built by hand in Chicago, Illinois  USA. 


Purchasing a piece of GAS audio equipment can’t be easier thanks to Paypal and their secure painless transactions.  There is no need to create a Paypal account to purchase a piece of GAS equipment.  Paypal accepts most major credit cards.


Email GAS Audio Recording Equipment at:


PayPal will only allow you purchase a piece of GAS equipment if it is done, sitting on the shelf, and ready to be shipped.  So if you decide to purchase something, be assured it will ship promptly!

International customers:  Please email for shipping quote before purchase.

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B-Stock units have either paint blemishes or some small scratching on the chassis.  These imperfections have come from the process of creating the chassis.  The chassis are made by hand and because of that, there are chances for human error to occur.  You can benefit from those minor errors as you get the exact same sound and build quality of an A-stock unit, but at a discounted price. 

Sigma 500 is a registered trademark of GAS Audio Recording Equipment in the United States of America.